Take Control of Your Budgeting Process

True Sky is a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that lets companies take control of their budgeting, planning and forecasting processes. With an easy-to-use Excel interface, powerful data tools and access to information, True Sky helps companies cut the time they spend budgeting in half.

Cut Your Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Efforts by 50%

  • Get the right input from the right people
  • Have more time for analysis and review
  • Get more insight into your business
  • Give your team more time to work on what matters


Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Cut back on time spent manually entering and formatting data
  • Leverage the maturity, robustness, and familiarity of Excel
  • Improve your existing processes with a highly flexible and individually tailored system

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Access real-time data and drill down into external systems with sophisticated integrations
  • Effortlessly design and deploy reports customized for each end user

Dashboards & Analysis

  • Make informed and strategic decisions with all the data you need
  • Get a quick overview of important data in a visual format
  • Squeeze every last drop of actionable information with organized and in-depth analytics
  • Spend more time analyzing and strategizing and less time managing the budget

How True Sky Helps Your Business

Align Strategies and Priorities

  • Access decision-grade information from a single repository
  • Easily involve the right people in the process to gain wider insights
  • View the reasoning behind the numbers

Meet Financial Targets

  • Quickly identify core issues with deep dive analysis
  • Run ‘What If’ scenarios, determining the best path to reach your goals 
  • Configure approval flows to ensure commitment and accountability

Adjust to Market Changes

  • Build new data models and templates on demand
  • Deploy reusable content that dynamically adjusts over time
  • Effortlessly update rolling forecasts and long term projections

Avoid Data Entry Surprises

  • Access automatically consolidated data live and in real time
  • Review audit trails to identify errant entries
  • Safeguard against unauthorized access and edits to the numbers

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