We offer 3 types of service to meet your challenges



Technology has evolved to allow businesses to integrate and collaborate across their entire organization. Scale your business with today's modern software that allows better data management, process controls, higher efficiency, and data-driven decisions.


Targeted solutions

Businesses have specific needs that require targeted solutions. HR, CRM, Accounting, eCommerce, EDI, Distribution, and Analytics are a few areas that customers have come to Lucid for specific answers.



We work with clients that have challenges without an obvious solution. We build custom software and integrations that are unique to their needs. We also provide custom consulting services to help define your company's bottlenecks to growth.

Industries we work with


Process Manufacturing

Achieve process and quality consistency. Effectively manage the fluctuations of procurement, production and shipping while staying on top of compliance requirements.



Consistently deliver high-quality goods. Get accurate costing and pricing, real-time control over production planning, and adapt quickly to new regulations.



Keep your customers satisfied and returning. Get accurate project management, real-time insights on mobile devices and streamlined accounting.


Discrete Manufacturing

Expand your market and control your costs. Improve visibility across your supply chain, optimizing purchase conditions and margins and enabling a mobile sales force.

Technology Choice Matters

We work with software built on a foundation of proven technologies so you can focus on the solution and not the complexities behind it.

Customer Stories

Providing solutions for over 10 years, hear how we’ve made a difference


Debby S.

“Lucid Consulting team were wonderful to work with throughout the project process. They are easy to communicate with, they respond very quickly to calls and emails, they consistently meet deadlines and they sincerely care about us, their clients.”


Chuck L.

“The major strength of Lucid Consulting is they do not just advise and tell you what you need; they ask what you want from the system, listen to what you say and again ask questions to ensure they clearly understand your objectives and work with you to meet those objectives. ”


Relationships Make the Difference

Good relationships make good business. We look forward to creating a relationship with you and your business.

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