Select a faster, simpler, more adjustable
business management solution with Sage X3



Sage X3 runs your business faster than ever before, with a cohesive, enterprise-class solution to manage all of your core business processes – from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service and financials – locally and internationally. It also accelerates collaboration and reporting and delivers real-time insight into all costs and operational performance.



Sage X3 is easy to use in a familiar Web browser and on mobile devices, giving you the freedom to work where you need. It is also simple to manage, and highly configurable to adapt to your unique processes, role, and preferences. Sage X3 is a versatile solution – use it as a service in the cloud and reduce demand on your in-house team to maintain the system, or deploy the solution on the infrastructure of your choice.



Sage X3 is ready for your industry. Built-in functionality for process manufacturing, manufacturing, distribution and services tasks, adjusts to accommodate your company’s unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable – so you’ll never run out of capacity again – and quickly adapts to your changing needs, growing with your business as you expand to new markets or geographies, and making it simple to manage a global business.

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A faster, simpler and more flexible
business management solution

Sage X3 Modules and Features

Financial Management

  • General ledger
  • Account payable, account receivable
  • Cash management
  • Bank management
  • Cost and analytical accounting
  • Expenditures
  • Budget and commitments
  • Fixed asset management
  • Mobile apps

Customer Service

  • Contact management
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer call center support
  • Warranty/Service orders management
  • Solution knowledge base
  • Marketing campaigns

Document Management

  • Document and revision management
  • Sharing by user, role, and project teams
  • Document saving
  • Microsoft Office® integration with synchronized data
  • Microsoft Outlook® integration
  • Full-text search

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management
  • Product data, multiple units of measure
  • Location management
  • Inventory balances
  • Quality control and sampling
  • Replenishment, inter-site transfers
  • Order release
  • Stock movements
  • Inventory costing
  • Physical counting
  • Import tracking
  • Mobile apps

Manufacturing Management

  • Multiple manufacturing modes
  • Product configurator, options & variants
  • Bill of Material, formulas and recipes
  • Work and cost center management
  • Forward/Backward scheduling
  • Replenishment and Inter-site transfers
  • Production cost accounting
  • Order release
  • Quality control and analysis
  • Production cost accounting
  • Master production scheduling

Sales Management

  • Product configurator, options & variants
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Sales commissions
  • Quotes, contracts and open orders
  • Multi-level credit checking and order entry
  • Order preparation, delivery, packing, and shipping
  • Customer returns
  • Invoicing and reminders
  • Inventory inquiries and allocations
  • Loans and commitments
  • Inter-company/inter-site sales
  • Bill of lading and export declaration
  • Mobile apps

Role-based Workspace

  • Personal home page
  • Personalized by user or administrator
  • Multi-level access to relevant data

Reporting and Business Analytics

  • User-defined dashboards
  • Configurable inquiries
  • Audit trail from cumulative total to detail
  • Library of over 400 reports
  • Automatic printout triggering
  • Export to Word®, Excel® and PDF files


  • Sage X3 adopts a multi-tier architecture, which ensures highly reliable, flexible and scalable operations.

General Ledger

  • Document and revision management
  • Sharing by user, role, and project teams
  • Document saving
  • Microsoft Office® and Outlook integration
  • Full-text search

Workflow Automation and Alerts

  • Configurable triggering of workflows
  • Alerts with contextual links to trigger further actions
  • Information stored for accessibility and audits

Who is Sage X3 for?

While Sage X3 works for many different types of companies,
it is targeted most towards companies with these attributes



100 - 2,000 employees
1-5 IT staff
Minimum of 10 ERP Users


Primary Users

Financial, operational, manufacturing and sales.


Company Size

Mid-sized companies with $20M+
in revenue


Industry Segments

Process Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing,
Wholesale Trade, Business Services

Sage X3 is designed to meet specific industry needs



Expand your market and control your costs

  • - Retail trade
  • - Transportation and logistics
  • - Wholesale trade

Discrete Manufacturing

Consistently deliver high-quality goods

  • - High-Tech
  • - Industrial equipment
  • - Medical devices
  • - Metal fabrication

Process Manufacturing

Achieve process and product consistency

  • - Food and beverage
  • - Chemicals
  • - Cosmetics
  • - Nutraceuticals
  • - Pharmaceuticals

Business Services

Keep your customers satisfied and returning

  • - Advertising
  • - Consulting services
  • - Engineering services
  • - Equipment rental
  • - IT/Software services
  • - Maintenance and repair services

Sage X3 Technology & Architecture


Web Interface
Mobile Devices

Microsoft Office Add-ins
Web Services

Web Stack

-open source and cross-platform


-open source retrieval software library

-distributed, multitenant-capable full-text

search engine with RESTful web interface
-fast, scalable, document database


Application Server

-schedule and manage recurring tasks

Management console to administrate the components and services
log and profiling tools

Workflow engine for business events to trigger import, export tools

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Web interface

Mobile Devices
Microsoft Office Add-ins

Web Services

Storage Database

Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database

Development Environment

  • Development tools available through an Eclipse IDE
  • No third-party IDE required to customize
  • Customizations are not effected by future upgrades
  • Same code for all platforms
  • QA test mode available