Our Software Solutions Drive Business Growth

We offer solutions to manage a company's entire
information structure and process.


Business improvement

Be Efficient: control workflow and maximize your resources by bringing information from everyone under a single application, one software to manage your entire business efficiently.



Enhance organizational collaboration by connecting people internally. Remove the silos of information and allow them to proactively solve business problems together


Business vision

A single, real-time version of the truth to accelerate business performance with automated processes, accurate data collection, financial analyses and forecasting capabilities that drive better decisions.


Flexible solutions

Our solutions adapt to your businesses unique challenges. Flexible modules and integrations allow us to meet your needs now and in into the future.

Technology is Evolving

Grow your business with the new opportunities modern technology brings

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    Enhanced Communications

    Real-time communication now allows multiple team members to collaborate faster on time-critical situations and find solutions with shorter interactions. Communications can now be stored for easier historical retrieval and transfer.

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    Mobile Access

    Your workforce can now be effective and create value from anywhere. Collaboration is being done to a greater extent outside of the office along with better remote visibility and field data collection.

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    Cloud Infrastructure

    The cloud now allows you to have the flexibility to scale rapidly without downtime. Large upfront capital expenditures are a thing of the past and strong redundancy comes standard.

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    Data Driven Decisions

    Make more informed decisions with access to better data and improved analytical tools. Identify business correlation and causation statistically and test decisions with data before making them.

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    SaaS Model

    Software as a service lowers cost of entry while creating predictable long-term affordability. Get faster incremental updates, access from anywhere and reduced time to go live.

Recognize the bottlenecks to your growth

Make bottlenecks a thing of the past by eliminating inefficient business methods.
Lucid works to transition organizations to use software that allows data flow and paves the way to faster growth.

Lucid put together a comprehensive solution that put all the
pieces together in one system that encompassed our entire process
from initial order to final invoice. img

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